This is the space where you are guided, with no judgement, and where your vulnerability is held with humility and compassion.

Individual Sessions are an opportunity to both release blockages (from the past) and create change (in the present).

My approach is rooted in 10+ years of experience. In our sessions, I draw from a range of techniques to support your individual needs. You’ll discover ways to resolve challenges, restore connections and navigate life with greater resourcefulness.

Samar Linn Coaching
Body Work

I have met some common themes in my work that support people to live authentic, self-loving and full lives.

Although not exhaustive, here are a few topics on which I coach

  • Addiction Inquiry: Practical tools and cathartic techniques to bring life into balance.
  • Breaking Open: Ways to reconnect to the self after a loss, break-up or other ending.
  • Healthy Relationships: Compassionate inquiry into developing positive relationships with the self and others.
  • Living Purposefully: Techniques to discover and embrace values and purpose in daily life.
  • Reclaiming Sexuality: Explorative methods to heal wounds and reclaim abundance of sexuality, sensuality.
  • Self-Confidence: Methods to step into assertiveness at home and in the workplace.

My life experiences led me here and informs the guidance, care and permission you receive.

Born in Cyprus to a Palestinian father and American mother, I was initiated from the start into a world of different cultures, a wide range of perspectives and the way human behavior is influenced by its stories. I work with people from around the world and hold cultural and personal values with respect and visceral understanding.

I was initiated into integrative coaching through my personal story’s deep need for change and my life’s incredible and fulfilling transformation.

My additional work in corporate and start-up environments provide a unique foundation and understanding to compliment my trainings and experience as a coach.

Wherever you might be in the world, I offer both face-to-face or online sessions.

My practice is located in Berlin, Wedding.

I also work with people from around the world over video. Please do not be deceived as video sessions are proven to be equally powerful and transformative.

You can start with a no-cost preliminary chat.

Feeling secure with the person you work with is paramount so I offer a no-cost chat (15 – 20 minutes) via phone or video to establish a connection.

In this time, I can answer any questions on the way I work or address how we might approach your specific desire for coaching. Most importantly, you’ll have a chance to feel into security, safety and openness to journey together.