the Erotic Pulse.

CLOSER is a project that offers a range of workshops and regular events to explore the multi-dimensional flavors of eroticism.

Eroticism, essentially, is an amalgamation of many aspects of the human experience. It is a combination of desires, feelings, expression and experiences. It fuels both our sex lives and daily lives; the latter sometimes a surprising discovery.

project CLOSER provides a unique, experiential approach to eroticism by combining tools that genuinely touch all aspects / parts of the human. We enter into dialogue with the mind’s imagination, memories, pictures alongside the psychology to understand individual turn-ons or turn-offs . We welcome feelings and create opportunities to learn how they play a role in eroticism. We’ll lean into feelings such as pleasure, joy as well as feelings we do not traditionally equate to sexuality such as sadness or anger. Of course, the body additionally plays a key role in our erotic expression, and we create many methods to listen to, to express, and to move the sensations within the whole body.

CLOSER events are open to all, creating a safe(r) space for different horizons, sexual orientations and experiences. Whether you are comfortable and familiar with these topics, or exploring them for the first time, you are invited to join us. 

Eroticism is much more tantalizing than sex.
Eroticism is our gateway to pulsating, life-force energy.
Eroticism is aliveness.

What is Eroticism

Erotic Intelligence stretches far beyond a repertoire of sexual techniques.
It is an intelligence that celebrates curiosity and play,
the power of the imagination, and our infinite fascination with
what is hidden and mysterious.

Eroticism is multifaceted:
A Fusion of Desire, Creativity, and Expression

This textured word – eroticism – combines feelings, creativity, expression. Although an erotic encounter might include sex, it doesn’t have to. From the earliest tendrils of childhood experience to the complex layers of adulthood, eroticism is a profound, and personal, fusion of influences that shape our unique desires. It serves as the wellspring of creative inspiration, empowering us to embrace life fully. 

While the mere mention of the word might evoke discomfort or unease, eroticism by definition is not all neat-and-tidy. When you heed the call to explore, it will undoubtedly offer you a dynamic playground for meeting life’s vibrancy. It becomes a transformative avenue through which we navigate emotional tensions, unburden inner struggles, and uncover moments of lightness, resilience, and ultimate pleasure in daily life.

Eroticism vs Sexuality:
A Distinction between Eroticism and Sexuality

While sexuality is classified as predominantly physical with automatic or instinctual urges, eroticism is a complex interplay between emotional, psychological and physical elements. 

Sexuality can be thought of as the physical act of sex, the mechanics of intimacy. However, eroticism develops from our internal landscapes where we uncover and embrace feelings, memories, power dynamics, as well as navigating societal taboos and personal obstacles. When we hone our erotic understanding, we enter a self-discovery journey that enriches our connections with our inner selves and paves the way for empowered, liberated expressions of our sexuality in healthy ways.

Why we explore eroticism

Eroticism subtly shapes us

Eroticism, in a general sense, are the micro-moments of pleasure in our daily lives. It’s the response of the skin to a cool breeze, or the way the body opens to beautiful nature. It could be the heart’s response to a piece of music or a deep, full breath to reading a poem. These small ecstasies could be the taste of food, a movement on the dance floor ….

Poet Audre Lorde wrote about the uses of erotic as power. Our erotic states are already with us when we are born – curious, innocent, explorers. This is the erotic essence, a personal pulse of aliveness.

project CLOSER investigates eroticism as a way of being that imbues our lives. That the way we walk, breathe, eat, see, talk are examples of how we can cultivate our life force energy, the erotic pulse in its broadest sense. Understanding and respecting your own personal flavors of sensuality, sexuality, imagination and desires can breathe magic into all parts of you.

I feel deeply supported and seen exactly as I am [at CLOSER events] – shy, curious, vulnerable, daring, sexy, powerful. I have learned how this work reaches far beyond my sexuality. For me, it has opened up immense potentials of creativity, intuition, and a powerful sense of homecoming. So grateful for these profound experiences.

Ignite Vitality

Beyond its conventional connotations, eroticism interlaces with our thoughts, interactions, and perceptions, shaping the contours of relationships, self-confidence and self-worth.

For a moment, let yourself think of eroticism as an electric current. We do not regularly see the tangible aspects of how an electric current turns on a light, however, it is there. Just as an electric current pulses with charged particles to give us light, we are infused with a pulsating energy of our own that lights up or dims down every moment of our daily lives. This enigmatic current courses through the ways we taste our food, see the world around us or feel the texture of clothes on our skin. Our unique pulse influences the way we walk and talk. We are guided by this vitality in terms of how comfortable we feel in our bodies, the extent to which creativity flows through us, and our confidence in being ourselves.

Eroticism, with its intricate tapestry of desire, sensuality, and emotional resonance, exerts an influence on the fabric of everyday existence.

Have you ever picked up on that tantalizing aura of another person who’s exuding aliveness, vivacity, vibrancy? Or, felt that fully alive feeling yourself?

Just as electricity can be directed to power machinery, we, too, can hone subtle skills to ignite our daily lives. The more safe, non-judgemental and curious space you give to discover, accept and celebrate your eroticism, the more often you’ll be able to tap your personal erotic pulse, your unique flavor of vitality.

Invigorate Relationships

Each individual’s interpretation of eroticism is a deeply personal and introspective journey, guided by their distinct experiences, cultural influences, and perceptions of desire.

When we ask ourselves open-ended questions with curiosity, we learn about ourselves. When we learn about ourselves, we are able to identify what we desire, and what we need. We develop respectful ways to communicate these needs, and to hear another person’s desires and needs. We hone communication skills with vulnerable honesty and integrity so we foster intimacy while maintaining boundaries.

The more we learn about our arousal and eroticism, the more opportunities we’ll have to be fulfilled (sexually, and very much in all aspects of our lives).

Perhaps, you’d like to open to these questions, being curious about your personal answers. CLOSER offers a range of tools to explore these topics through a mind-body lens.

  • What does eroticism mean to me? How may I embrace eroticism as a  multi-dimensional life force energy (vs simplicity ‘sexual’ perspective)?
  • What do I want? What do I need? Do I experience any differences between these two?
  • How do I express my needs?
  • How do I set boundaries? How do I respond to others’ boundaries?
  • How might I appreciate my body and essence?


The Erotic Equation:
Flames of passion are fueled by a mixture of attractions and obstacles to overcome.

What to expect at CLOSER events

CLOSER is open to everyone curious about their relationship to sexuality, eroticism and sensuality. This is a space for all different horizons, sexual orientations and experiences. Whether you are comfortable and familiar with topics of sex and eroticism or exploring them for the first time, we work with each person’s boundaries and experiences at all events.

We encourage everyone to find their comfortable edge as we hold individual needs with respect and gentleness. We offer invitations, never mandates or requirements, and provide alternatives / options for all activities and exercises.

CLOSER events include key elements and methods

All CLOSER experiences are designed to begin with self-connection, to allow for feelings and individual expression.

Events include 3 key elements:

  • Creating a spacious, open environment for your exploration. You have time to first connect to yourself, your body, and the space.
  • Identifying and voicing boundaries. You have an opportunity to discover and to express your boundaries, and learn about others’s boundaries. Boundary setting and need articulation so we enter and remain in a state of safety, respect and communication. 
  • Expressing your eroticism through touch, games and dance. Whatever level of confidence you feel, whether you have found you hold yourself back or worry you’re too expressive or anything else, all is invited with curiosity and non-judgment.

The CLOSER workshop was most creative, well organized from the first to the last detail, and confrontational in the most healthy ways. It’s opened up many new questions for me which I'm eager to probe. Thank you!

We work with various methods that support curiosity, non-judgement, safety, connection and personal integrity. Co-facilitators, Samar Linn and Markus, weave together their professional training and certifications.

You’ll find these 4 foundational tools at CLOSER events:

  • 5Rhythms® Dance
  • Sexological Bodywork®
  • Authentic Relating
  • Expressive Art

The mixture of powerful guided exercises and free movement in 5 rhythm dance that Samar and Markus create is ingenious!
What also touched me deeply was the sense of connection in the group who shared intimacy, vulnerability and joy.
Sometimes I stepped back for a moment and thought: "Wow, this is like a dream come true.

About Samar Linn and Markus, your CLOSER facilitators

The first electric spark was back in 2016. on the dance floor. masks (metaphorically speaking) were off. electricity was on. dark and light played with sex. the game to deepen intimacy was on ….

Samar Linn and Markus found a similar passion and interest in the interplay of eroticism as an avenue to more freedom, power and energy in daily life. Using values like trust, vulnerable honesty, respect, and not-taking-themselves-too-seriously, they uncovered creativity, intuition, mystery and magic through eroticism. These personal erotic discoveries coupled with their professional training is the backbone for CLOSER events – investigating eroticism, grounded in daily life.

Samar and Markus’ distinct personalities and breadth of professional training weave a rich tapestry to offer creative environments for individuals or couples to explore their unique language of eroticism.  

Samar Linn, a curious investigator of the human experience and dance catalysis, is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, a trained Integrative Coach, Bodyworker and Expressive Art Facilitator. Her raw attitude, vulnerability and fascination in ways to embody freedom of expression provide an electric, creative and safe environment.

Markus, a certified Sexological Bodyworker at the IISB, Zurich, has worked in somatic sexual counseling, accompanying people to release any dogmas, cultural blockages and habitual sexual behavior. He brings acute sensitivity, attentiveness, a range of erotic techniques and sexual games for people to feel at ease with themselves, and to deepen their sexual intimacy in daily life.

Samar and Markus create safe and intimate spaces where participants can explore their desires, boundaries, edges and express their creativity through their body with dance and specific exercises ...
If you have a curiosity and openness around the topic of eroticism, I recommend participating heartfully ...
I believe that all humans would benefit from living it [CLOSER events].


Find answers to your questions about eroticism, sexuality, sensuality and project CLOSER here.

No previous experience necessary. All CLOSER events are open to everyone curious about their relationship to sexuality, eroticism and sensuality. 

Whether you are comfortable and familiar with these topics, or exploring them for the first time, you are welcome to join us. We will work with each person’s boundaries and experiences for each event. At no point during any event will there be mandatory exercises.

Please be aware that since CLOSER explores the topic of eroticism – there will be invitations for nakedness (although it is not required) and touch, therefore, we request that all participants have some comfort being in a room with naked bodies.

Sexological Bodywork is a holistic approach to sexual well-being and exploration that combines body awareness, mindfulness, and therapeutic techniques. This practice focuses on addressing a wide range of issues such as intimacy challenges, sexual dysfunction, communication barriers, and enhancing pleasure. 

Through guided sessions and personalized techniques, sexological bodywork aims to promote body confidence, improve sexual functioning, and cultivate a deeper understanding of one’s own desires and boundaries. By integrating touch, breath, and communication, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking their full sensual potential and fostering a more fulfilling and empowered connection with their bodies and partners.

Markus, co-creator and co-facilitator of Project CLOSER, is a certified Sexological Bodyworker from  the IISB, Zurich.

5Rhythms is an expressive movement practice founded by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1960s that offers a unique approach to self-discovery and personal growth. It encompasses a series of five rhythms—Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness—that guides participants through a dynamic exploration of emotions, energy, and creativity. 

5Rhythms is more than just dance; it’s a meditation in motion, fostering mindfulness, body awareness, and emotional release. 5Rhythms is considered an embodiment practice as the more often participants dance it, the easier and faster they are able to enhance their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Through its open structure where no particular steps or moves are required, 5Rhythms is a gateway for personal liberation, empowerment and authentic self-expression.

Samar Linn, co-creator and guide of Project CLOSER, is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and holds weekly dance classes in Berlin.

You may find more information about 5Rhythms Dance here. You may read about 5Rhythmen Tanz auf Deutsch here.

CLOSER is a unique and signature combination of somatic movement, dance, sensual exploration, emotional understanding and creativity. These events create opportunities for participants to arrive at personal answers to questions on the topics of eroticism, sensuality, sexuality and implications on daily life. Far from being a prescriptive model, project CLOSER provides an invitation for and celebration of individual values, needs and philosophies.

At each event, participants are offered methods to first connect to the self including emotions, bodily sensations and even thoughts. From this place, there are methods of optional connection to others. We use a holistic set of methods that are not limited to sexuality as eroticism permeates all areas of our lives. At a CLOSER event, you’re likely to experience: 5Rhythms Dance, Sexological Bodywork, Expressive Arts, Ritual Theater, Writing, Sharing.

Traditional tantric workshops typically focus on a spiritual philosophy as an entry into sexuality and use meditation, breath work, and physical intimacy. The Tantric path often encourages tantric participants to follow a specific spiritual philosophy and may, or may not, include ample time for self connection first.

Sex-positive events usually focus on explicit physical touch with specific techniques. Many times these events are more focused sex-oriented, genital touch, where alternative techniques may, or may not, be offered.

No, there will be no requirements to get naked. However, there will be an invitation for nakedness, therefore, please be aware others might be naked around you.

In all activities with others, we will pair or group people according to their comfort levels.

We encourage everyone to find their comfortable edge at these events, and are available throughout for support.

For some exercises, touch will be invited. However, there will be no requirement for touch and there will always be alternative options.

In all activities with others, we will pair or group people according to their comfort levels.

We encourage everyone to find their comfortable edge at these events, and are available throughout for support.

Yes, you are welcome to join us as a couple or multi-partnership. There is often a partnership discount available for events.

You are encouraged to decide, within your partnership, how you would like to join touch or massage style exercises (either together or as part of the larger group). For non-touch sharing (e.g. talking), we encourage you to participate with the whole group.

Whatever you decide is welcome. We just ask that you communicate these needs and boundaries with us so we may best support you during our time together.

Most events take place in and around Berlin, Germany.

project CLOSER also runs events exploring sensuality, sexuality, eroticism and 5 Rhythms dance in New York, London as well as in Europe such as in Poland and Switzerland.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to bring project CLOSER, erotic and / or 5Rhythms dance events to your city.

No, we don’t currently offer online events or workshops.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to bring project CLOSER, erotic and / or 5Rhythms dance events to your city.

Taste the music

5Rhythms wave from a previous CLOSER event