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My name is Samar Linn. My work as a counselor + catalyst was born out of my personal journey to live life abundantly which led me down a track of personal and professional inquiry. I have a breadth of training and certifications including 5Rhythms® dance meditation, integrative coaching, art therapy, body work and decades of experience navigating the corporate world, too.

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Individual Sessions

Based on your intentions for counseling, we use a mix of techniques that lead to tangible, practical evolution in your daily life. I draw from a range of cognitive (mind) and somatic (body) training to guide you. Together, we explore your most effective discovery tools such as talk-counseling, bodywork, art therapy, visualization, movement.

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5Rhythms Dance Meditation

5Rhythms is dynamic practice that fuses dance, expression and meditation in the same breath. This dance lab is full of juicy music and entices you into spontaneous and freeing movement. When we allow our bodies its full range of experience, our minds become still and we find inner peace, greater courage and joy to feel more at home in our beings.

The KIX Project

The KIX project is an open, real and safe space to investigate addictions. I have developed a special and specific combination of group sharing, exercises and dance based on my personal journey in conjunction with professional work. KIX is for anyone who has a suspicion that addiction is an issue, who knows their addiction(s) well, who is in recovery. KIX is also for anyone who want to understand their shadows that can lead into addiction, too. Although there are various motivations, what we all have in common is curiosity on the topic of addiction, co-addiction or compulsions.


I adore collaborating with various conferences, festivals, corporate and private events. Often I’m invited to bring a collective, community close to big festivals or conferences. I also facilitate corporate workshops to enhance communication, team building and culture. And, it’s always an honor to play a set for private festivities, too.

I am touched by such beautiful words from you, around the world.