What is the difference between CLOSER, tantric workshops and sex-positive events?

CLOSER is a unique and signature combination of somatic movement, dance, sensual exploration, emotional understanding and creativity. These events create opportunities for participants to arrive at personal answers to questions on the topics of eroticism, sensuality, sexuality and implications on daily life. Far from being a prescriptive model, project CLOSER provides an invitation for and celebration of individual values, needs and philosophies.

At each event, participants are offered methods to first connect to the self including emotions, bodily sensations and even thoughts. From this place, there are methods of optional connection to others. We use a holistic set of methods that are not limited to sexuality as eroticism permeates all areas of our lives. At a CLOSER event, you’re likely to experience: 5Rhythms Dance, Sexological Bodywork, Expressive Arts, Ritual Theater, Writing, Sharing.

Traditional tantric workshops typically focus on a spiritual philosophy as an entry into sexuality and use meditation, breath work, and physical intimacy. The Tantric path often encourages tantric participants to follow a specific spiritual philosophy and may, or may not, include ample time for self connection first.

Sex-positive events usually focus on explicit physical touch with specific techniques. Many times these events are more focused sex-oriented, genital touch, where alternative techniques may, or may not, be offered.