In the space between right and wrong, freedom dances.

I’m insatiably fascinated by the paradox of all things.

That with a birth, there is inevitably a death. That within the profane, sacredness breathes. That in the space between right and wrong, freedom dances.

I’m humbled by the human experience where we are a cumulation of our experiences, cultures, environments and, at any point in time, have the potential to radically shape-shift, morph, transform.

I facilitate settings where groups and individuals may unearth their unique human magic by unshackling themselves from what no longer serves and by expanding more fully into their infinite mystery.

I provide electric, creative and compassionate environments online and live.

Individual sessions, weekly classes and workshops are all spaces for you to discover, feel, express, release … and step more fully into your magnificent being.

My companions are my raw attitude, personal inquiry and open vulnerability and I’m trained in techniques to support you in the delicious art of self-expression:

  • 5Rhythms® Dance Meditation (accredited teacher)
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Integrative (Transpersonal) Counseling which combines mind-body-spirit techniques
  • Reiki I & II Energy Healing
  • Somatic Bodywork

I facilitate artists collaborations, corporate events & training.

Often, I connect with musicians, dancers, visual and other artists to create multi-dimensional projects or to run end-of-festival integration. These collaborations are rich, rewarding and creative.

I also work with companies to bring fresh perspective to the work place. For example, to enhance culture, collaboration, C-Suite Coaching. My multi-disciplinary experience includes years of corporate experience (research and innovation) that provide an additional layer of understanding and ability to create results-based trainings and programs.

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