x-dance: Summer Offer – Bring a friend for free

Inviting Raw Expression


Jun 22 2024


7:45 pm - 10:00 pm


Center of Dance | Studio A. Eingang Haus 12 Aufgang F (Enter via the Courtyard next to Rewe)
Schönhauser Allee 36, Studio A Berlin, 10435 Germany

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There are an infinite number of ways in.
First, however, I must dare to dance through. 

🌞Summer Offer: Bring a friend for Free🌞
In order to register your friend (for free), please purchase your ticket in advance and email me their name. That way, your friend is guaranteed their spot at the dance.

x-dance is an experiential lab for you who loves music, called into being beyond the thinking mind and curious to dance your very own raw expression.

As an experiential space, you’re invited to explore movement and expression as a creative outlet. As a lab, it’s also an opportunity to gently bump up against edges, break through patterns or try on new aspects of your-self. A lab for you to relish in your personal way of being – spontaneous, free, creative.

x-dance combines 5Rhythms, Dance and guided Exercises which open the doorway to non-judgmentally and curiously meet yourself and each other. Moment. by. Moment.

You’ll find the following ingredients at each x-dance :

  • 5Rhythms Wave: A guided dance meditation that takes you through a 5Rhythms Wave.
  • Raw Encounters: An invitation to see, witness, connect with others around you through guided exercises.
  • x-dance Core: An offering to unleash your brilliance – which is to say to give yourself to yourself – through a DJ set.


x-dance takes place 2 Saturdays of most months.
Please check the calendar for any changes.
CLOSER x-dance takes place 1x per (most) months.


Here, we let go of constructs of how we should move, think or feel.

Here, we give permission to each of our x ….

Sweaty Dances. Awkward Dances.

Dark Dances. Graceful Dances.

Sexy Dances. Playful Dances.

x-dance. Your dance.

If I need to choose one word to describe my experience with Samar it would be "permissions". Her laugh, her breath, her lead, are soft, warm seductions to open your eyes, and look who inhibits this body, to welcome ease and tension, to love dark and light of being human. She accompanied me through dark tunnels and sunshine meadows, making me feel that I am never alone ...Thank you for making me brave.

Maybe you’ve danced 1000 times, or never before. Perhaps you’ve been to tons of Connection or Relating Game events, or don’t even know what that could be like. Wherever, however, come as you are and give yourself the permission to dance, to be curious and to meet yourself in ways you might never have imagined.

What to wear

What we wear can inform how we move, how we feel or even how we think. Therefore, please know you are very invited to experiment with different types of clothing for each event. Or, perhaps, you prefer to wear something similar each time. All is welcome.

Some ideas …

  • Comfortable clothing that feels easy to move and sweat in
  • Clothing that is flow-y or tight fitting
  • Clothing with different textures such as mesh or cotton, satin or lace or denim
  • Clothing that feels sensual or erotic
  • Clothing that brings on special characteristics. Perhaps something you don’t usually wear in daily life. Maybe it’s a ballet tutu or a tie or anything else. 

So! Simply allow yourself to express yourself through clothing as much or as little as you’d like. 

What to bring

  • Bring a water bottle, there is a bathroom to fill up your water bottles.
  • Foot wear is optional – indoor or dance shoes only –
    most people dance barefoot

Event Information

  • x-dance begins at 19.45 and doors open at 19.30. Please be on time for our journey together. We close the doors promptly at 20.00 to help us create a positive holding for the evening and for safety measures.
  • Please do not talk on the dance floor so you, and others, can drop into movement, sounds and noises without the distraction of words.
  • Please do not use your cell phone during this time so you can stay present and alive in your dance.
  • When you love a track, just ask after class (not during the dance :-)) so you can enjoy that moment fully in all its glory.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to a future date if you are unable to join. However, you may personally pass on your ticket to someone else. In this case, please let me know via an email the name of the person taking your spot. Thank you for understanding and helping to keep the dance alive!

About the (re-newed) x-dance format

x-dance (re-newed) is a format that’s an ongoing development based on facilitating (and naturally witnessing) the weekly x-dance classes specifically through the 5Rhythms lens for 2+years … and, simply: I became curious to bring other aspects of my professional training and passion into the space, wondering how we might get to know ourselves, and each other, with some additional spice.

So looking forward to this (re-newed) journey together with those of you who’ve come to know and love the x-dance (previous) format. And, very much excited to welcome you in who is new to the x-dance space.

What you will experience here is one of the most transformational things I have ever encountered in my life. It will make you high and connect you with everything inside you -- without using any substances.

Connect for info on new events x music


x-dance takes place on 2 Saturdays of most months.

Please check the calendar in case there are any changes to the regular schedule.

You may also receive updates on all events at any of the following:

x-dance is a unique format that is based on Samar Linn’s professional training and years of holding various types of space.

x-dance is an improvisational lab that invites each person to express themselves freely. Through a combination of dance and exercises, everyone is invited to be exactly as they are. Moment. by. Moment.

The dance portion of x-dance does not follow a specific style of dance or genre of music. There are no special moves to perform or instructions to follow. Here, dance is main tool for self-exploration and self-expression.

The music for the first portion of the evening follows the 5Rhythms® framework where the music rises and falls – like a wave – to encourage you to express yourself in a multitude of ways. The final dance of the evening, x-dance CORE, is a more dynamic DJ set that follows the energy of the space, and moves beyond constructs or frames.

We each receive different benefits through this movement meditation. Here are a few:

  • Confidence & Empowerment:
    Deepen the connection to your body, the power of your unique spontaneous movement and the freedom to express yourself with curiosity and permission.
    • Your wild beauty and unique essence will ripple past the class and into your daily life.
  • Mindfulness & Presence:
    Foster inner presence, calm and peace of mind.
    • You will experience mindfulness and presence on and off the dance floor.
  • Relationships & Community:
    Dance with yourself and with others as you explore how you shift and evolve in different dynamics.
    • Your experiences on the dance floor are inevitably a metaphor, playground and learning opportunity to flourish in your relationships and community in life.
  • Spontaneity & Vitality:
    Cultivate intuition, creativity and learn to be authentic, non-judgemental + open to to feelings, energy levels and whatever arises within you.
    • You will find vitality of spirit and soul no matter what time and space you are in.

Samar Linn offers a wide range of music genres and her eclectic mix of music seduces the room into their bodies and dances with themselves and each other. By tapping into a wide repertoire of genres, styles and eras, the music acts as a backdrop to release thoughts and drop into movement – sometimes, even surprising the self with a new way of moving.

Electronic or House. Drum’n’Bass or Funk. Hip Hop or Jazz. Classical or an occasional Pop Tune.

Taste the music.

Although it’s hard to encapsulate what happens in these spaces, as there is so much available on the inner landscape, we created a short video to give you a taste of x-dance.

Please feel free to check-in with one of the crew members or Samar Linn at your first event. Or ask questions afterwards!

5Rhythms brings a beautiful framework to the world to the conscious dance space. It is a practice developed by Gabrielle Roth who identified that life moves in different energies. The more we experience being in these different energies, the more prepared we are for life.

I am a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and use the 5Rhythms framework as a gentle guideline for the music I play. At x-dance, we begin the evening with a 5Rhythms Wave. 

You may find a video here which provides some information about the five rhythms – Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness.

You may read more about 5Rhythms here. There is also one article available about 5Rhythmen auf Deutsch here.

Samar Linn’s music style is eclectic, edgy; an invitation to express yourself in all shades and flavors. The music is a backdrop and support as you discover, express and let go into your own spontaneous and free dance.

Our bodies are always 100% present no matter where our thoughts might be. So when we dance and bring attention to our physical bodies, we teach our minds to be present with the body in that exact moment.

Meditation is when we develop ways to bring our attention and awareness into focus. In turn, this leads to mental calm, emotional peace and a clear state.

In this way, we use the music, our bodies and dance to quieten the thoughts and build tools that we can use in daily life.

Samar Linn holds a variety of different spaces including the previous 5Rhythms x-dance class.

Through holding a focused 5Rhythms class most Saturdays for a few years, Samar became curious to bring other aspects of her professional training and passion into the Saturday evening environment, wondering how we might get to know ourselves, and each other, with some additional spice.

x-dance remains very much connected to dance and freedom of expression through the body. The additional elements of Encounter Exercises and a DJ set are simply expanded ways to this invitation.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to a future date if you are unable to join

However, you may personally pass on your ticket to someone else. In this case, please let me know via an email the name of the person taking your spot.

Please note that there are no refunds if you come later than 15min post start time and the door is closed.

Thank you for understanding and helping to keep the dance alive!

Yes, there are usually tickets at the door. 

However, we cannot guarantee you’ll get a spot if the event is fully booked.

About Samar Linn

Samar Linn Facilitator

Samar has a promiscuous love affair with music, is enamored by dance and is a curious investigator of freedom of expression. She is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, a trained Integrative Coach and Bodyworker. Samar runs a range of workshops and regular classes to bring more curiosity to ourselves, openness to our uniqueness and permission to embrace the magic in daily life. Her raw attitude, vulnerability and fascination in ways to embody freedom of expression provide an electric, creative and safe environment.

Taste the Music

In the heat of my dance, sometimes I feel a shiver run through my being, like an electric love current from god.
Sometimes I dance into the freedom of myself.
Other times, I surprise myself with a new movement or an unearthed feeling.
Sometimes, it's a seriously good dance that rocks my world.