x-dance @ Bodywork Bazaar

Exploring movement, touch and connection


May 26 2023


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


IKSK – Institut für Körperforschung und sexuelle Kultur
Holzmarkt 25, Haus 2/ 4. Etage Berlin, 10243 Germany

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About this special x-dance @ Bodywork Bazaar

x-dance is a dynamic practice that fuses dance, expression and meditation in the same breath. This dance floor is a lab to explore free, creative, spontaneous movements.

As part of IKSK Bodywork Bazaar, we’ll enter into an experiment together – exploring how the body feels moment by moment, how it wants to move and how it wants to connect to yourself and to others on the dance floor.

Without words, we’ll journey together in the native tongue of dance to research: “What qualities of touch and connection feel good to myself? How, if at all, do I want to connect with others through dance and the art of touch on this dance floor?”

An eclectic mix of music seduces you into your dance. Electronic or House. Drum’n’Bass or Funk. Hip Hop or Jazz.

Here, there are no rights or wrongs, nothing to perfect. Nothing to fuck up. Sweaty Dances. Awkward Dances. Dark Dances.
Graceful Dances. Sexy Dances. Playful Dances.
x-dance. Your dance.

Curiosity, Consent, Respect and Self-Responsibly are the pre-requisites to keep this space safe, open and free.

IKSK Bodywork Bazaar

The IKSK is hosting a Body Work Bazaar from 30 September – 2 October in collaboration with Anja Goralski.

This Bazaar is a 3-day opportunity to explore different / new therapies and techniques in the realm of bodywork, massage and the art of touch.

To find out more, please visit IKSK


Tickets may be purchased directly at the IKSK website or at the event.
€10 per day
€5 (additional) to attend workshops, e.g. to attend x-dance)


x-dance does not follow a specific style of dance or genre of music. There are no special moves to perform or instructions to follow.

x-dance is an expressive improvisational movement that invites each person to move freely in the body.

Dance is the tool for self-exploration and self-expression. Music follows the 5Rhythms® framework where the music rises and falls – like a wave – to encourage you to express yourself in a multitude of ways.

We each receive different benefits through this movement meditation. Here are a few:

  • Confidence & Empowerment:
    Deepen the connection to your body, the power of your unique spontaneous movement and the freedom to express yourself with curiosity and permission.
    • Your wild beauty and unique essence will ripple past the class and into your daily life.
  • Mindfulness & Presence:
    Foster inner presence, calm and peace of mind.
    • You will experience mindfulness and presence on and off the dance floor.
  • Relationships & Community:
    Dance with yourself and with others as you explore how you shift and evolve in different dynamics.
    • Your experiences on the dance floor are inevitably a metaphor, playground and learning opportunity to flourish in your relationships and community in life.
  • Spontaneity & Vitality:
    Cultivate intuition, creativity and learn to be authentic, non-judgemental + open to to feelings, energy levels and whatever arises within you.
    • You will find vitality of spirit and soul no matter what time and space you are in.

5Rhythms brings a beautiful framework to the world to the conscious dance space. It is a practice developed by Gabrielle Roth who identified that life moves in different energies. The more we experience being in these different energies, the more prepared we are for life.

I use the 5Rhythms framework as a gentle guideline for the music I play. My music style is eclectic, edgy; an invitation to express yourself in all shades and flavors. The music is a backdrop and support as you discover, express and let go into your own spontaneous and free dance. 

Our bodies are always 100% present no matter where our thoughts might be. So when we dance and bring attention to our physical bodies, we teach our minds to be present with the body in that exact moment.

Meditation is when we develop ways to bring our attention and awareness into focus. In turn, this leads to mental calm, emotional peace and a clear state.

In this way, we use the music, our bodies and dance to quieten the thoughts and build tools that we can use in daily life.

About Samar Linn

Samar Linn Facilitator

Samar Linn has a promiscuous love affair with music, is enamored by dance and is a curious investigator of the human experience. She combines expressive dance, art, sexuality and bodywork in a series of signature formats which draw from her training and certification in 5Rhythms®, Integrative Counseling, Somatic / Emotional Bodywork and Embodied DJ’ing.

All workshops, weekly classes and dance parties are invitations to bring more fascination and openness to ourselves. Her raw attitude, vulnerability and fascination in ways to embody freedom of expression provide an electric, creative and safe environment.

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