Journeying out of addiction


Jul 25 2024


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Shift is possible.
I show-up. I become a curious, non-judgemental detective.
I open into dialogue. With myself. I make space for others.
Shift happens.

❗️Please register via the contact form or email me. Spots are limited.

Contribution is €15 (reduced) | €20 (regular) | €25 (supportive)

KIX is for anyone who is curious to release themselves from their own addictions, compulsive tendencies or dependences. You are welcome to join us whether you are investigating this topic for the first time or are familiar with how it plays out in your live.

This special and unique format to investigate all forms of addiction – big or small. The work is based on Samar Linn’s long personal history of (multiple) addictions, over 12 years of recovery and professional work as a coach, facilitator and movement catalyst. Her personal journey brought to light the critical importance of a multi-layered approach to understanding and healing from addiction while her professional work built the foundation of how and why.

There is an intangible, yet very healing, journey that those who join us regularly experience. We learn – viscerally, experientially through the body – that we are not alone. The body x mind x emotions are fundamental aspects of this project and this non-judgemental, confidential and safe space allows for deep personal inquiry, compassion and freedom.

About the KIX format

KIX is a space to investigate, to learn, to discover individually, as much as much as its become a deepening community of fellow travelers. The special format supports us through the body, feelings and the mind. Each week we will :

  • Dance (5Rhythms): We have the chance to express our feelings – or even discover them through spontaneous movement to a wave of musical beats. We connect to our body and begin to sense our needs and wants. During the dance, I use the 5Rhythms® map to guide our expression. Often our bodies were abused or ignored by our addictions. Most of us lost the capacity to feel. Many of us believe(d) that certain feelings were ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous’ and we tried to hide them.
  • Share: We practice being honest and vulnerable when we get real with how we are in a safe space. We shed secrets, learn that we are not alone as we hear other people’s experience and gain additional strength and hope.
  • Explore Specific Topics: Each week, we explore specific topics about compulsions and addictions. We investigate why we learned to escape and invite new tools and perspectives into our lives. Depending on the topic, we use different tools and formats for these exercises.

KIX takes place two (2) Thursdays a month.
Please check the calendar for any changes.

This format of exploring addiction and compulsions through dance, movement and somatic exercises is unique and powerful.
It is a journey that has already generated change in my life and I am curious to keep exploring and transforming.
I appreciate the way Samar facilitates with clear and focused leadership but also humour and a down-to-earth approach, also using examples from her own life.

KIX ….

The name of this project is play on words that unveils a paradox we often find ourselves in when confronted with our addictions or compulsions. Understanding, holding, acknowledging seeming paradoxes is an important part of the recovery process.

KIX (as Kicks): The kick that I perceive (imagine) I get from my addiction.
KIX (as Kick): I kick my addition, compulsion or destructive habit(s).

Class Information

  • KIX begins at 19.30 and doors open at 19.15. Please be on time. We close the doors promptly at 19.40 to help us create a positive holding for the evening and for safety measures.
  • Pre-registration is required as this is an intentionally held space with a small group of people.
  • You are welcome to come as soon as the doors open to ask any questions before we begin – or to stay after class for questions and/or to get to know other KIXers.

What to bring

  • A journal/paper + a pen
  • Clothes that feel comfortable to move in
  • A towel maybe (e.g. if you sweat when you dance)
  • A water bottle


Contribution options are:
€15 (reduced) | €20 (regular) | €25 (supportive)

Please note registrations are non-refundable. You may move a registration to a future date if you write me 48 hours prior to the class. Thank you for honoring this policy so we can keep KIX alive.

I wished for a very long time that there was a safe space to dance fear and inner processes of the psyche and the heart.
You give me that with KIX, and I am really happy and also grateful for that. I have never been in such an amazing space before!

Monday Inspirations

You’re welcome to join us (whether or not you attend KIX) on the anonymous KIX telegram channel where you’ll receive Monday Morning inspirations, reflections, prayers to support you through the week.


Addiction is any compulsive or uncontrollable habit that we engage in to escape our feelings, or our reality.

Often it starts as a way to help us cope with life experiences yet over time we lose control and compulsively go towards those behaviors or substances. We, then, continue to engage in a behavior or take substance despite negative consequences to ourselves, or those around us. It might also cause us to lose contact to reality, feeling, responsibility, relationships.

Here are a two examples of how alcohol and Netflix were first used as ways to cope, and later became addictions:

  • The first time Louise* got drunk, it felt like all her insecurities disappeared. She felt like she was on top of the world and could be her ‘true self’ no matter who was in the room.
    At first, Louise only drank at big parties or conferences. Over time, she drank more often and at the slightest ‘feeling’ of stress. Her self-esteem worsened and she started to feel ashamed of her drinking.
    But she continued to keep a flask close-by as ‘medicine’ for stress. Even when her drinking affected friendships, commitments and her very own values, she couldn’t stop. Louise found support to stop drinking. She learned new ways to deal with stress and let go of her insecurities. 
  • Val* loves watching Netflix. To watch his favorite show is treat at the end of a long day. A way to relax. One episode turns into five and before long, it’s midnight.
    Val wakes up tired the next morning because of the previous night’s Netflix binge. Even if he turns off the TV, he can’t sleep anyway because his thoughts keep him up. He feels lost.
    Val tells himself that everyone watches Netflix at night and even though he senses his life is ‘running away’ from him, he doesn’t know what else to do, and finds himself in front of his screen again, day after day.
    Val discovered that Netflix binges were a way to hide from uncomfortable feelings and decisions he was avoiding. He received guidance and tools to feel his feelings and confidence to make important life decisions – without Netflix or other compulsive behaviors.

*names changed to respect confidentiality

Drugs. Work. Social Media. Booze.
Food. Sugar. Nicotine. Sex. Romance.
Netflix. Money. Love. Control. Power. Shopping.
Codependency. Co-addiction. Email. Orgasms. Adrenaline.

….. our unique flavors of addiction are endless.
All are welcome to be explored here. While the immediate impact of some addictions might be more prominent than others, the way we erode our livelihood, freedom of choice, and even our souls, is true for all types of addictions. 

Here are some signs that might give you some clues:

  • Reward: Do you feel better and more in control ‘doing it’ even if there might be negative consequences?
  • Importance: Do you find ‘doing it’ has become a part of who you are or a way you live your life? Do you worry you would not be able to ‘deal’ without it or believe that you couldn’t ‘live’ without that person, job or behavior?
  • Disruption: Do you say you are going to do something different and then – almost like a dream – find yourself ‘doing it’? 
  • Frequency: Do you ‘do it’ more often and for longer periods of time than before, or than you originally planned? Do you hear yourself say “just a bit more” or “just another one” or “I can’t help it”?
  • Pausing: Do you feel uncomfortable if you cannot ‘do it’? Does ‘doing it’ or being with that person take up all your thoughts and energy? Do you have emotional or physical responses, e.g. racing heart, while you are engaging in the behavior or when you cannot ‘do it’?
  • Secrecy: Do you keep this behavior, the frequency or the intensity a secret from others? Do you hide the behavior or feel scared what would happen if someone else finds out? Deep down, do you judge yourself for what you’re doing ? Do you rationalize or make excuses, even to yourself?
  • Bargaining: Do you find yourself wanting to stop or creating plans to stop, yet finding ‘reasons’ to do it anyway? For example, it’s just a stressful period. Once this is over, I’ll stop. 

You are welcome to join just one class, however, please consider that the possibility of change occurs when we give ourselves the time and commitment to open to that change.

It is not required to ‘stop’ your addiction prior to attending KIX, however, it is required to be sober for the events.

What we all have in common is a curiosity about about how addictions, compulsions or dependencies play out in our life. We might, also, be open to learn what can lead to those addictive behaviors or the shadows or (negative) self-definitions we have about ourselves.

You are invited to show up exactly as you are, in this non-judgemental, open and confidential space.

Please do not attend class under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

All addictions rob us from connection, freedom, intimacy. Sometimes we recognize this sensation subtly, in our innermost realms. Other times, addictions might run rampant in our external worlds. 

I believe that functioning is a way to survive life which is a far cry from what we all deserve – living life and thriving with peace and serenity.

Only you know, in a space within yourself, whether you are functioning and ‘just making it by’ and if / when you are ready to lay down the taboos and investigate what it might be like to live and thrive without addictions, compulsions, codependency or dependency.

5Rhythms brings a beautiful framework to the world to the conscious dance space. It is a practice developed by Gabrielle Roth who identified that life moves in different energies. The more we experience being in these different energies, the more prepared we are for life.

I am a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and use the 5Rhythms framework as a gentle guideline for the music I play. At x-dance, we begin the evening with a 5Rhythms Wave. 

You may find a video here which provides some information about the five rhythms – Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness.

You may read more about 5Rhythms here. There is also one article available about 5Rhythmen auf Deutsch here.

Samar Linn’s music style is eclectic, edgy; an invitation to express yourself in all shades and flavors. The music is a backdrop and support as you discover, express and let go into your own spontaneous and free dance.

Please email me or write me via the contact form to register.

Pre-registration along with payment is required as the classes are intentionally smaller (group of 10 people) to allow for this type of inquiry.

Please note that classes often fill up a few days in advance.

Contribution options are:
€15 (reduced) | €20 (regular) | €25 (supportive) 

Registrations are non-refundable, however, you may move a registration to a future date if you write me 48 hours prior to the class.
Thank you for honoring this policy so we can keep KIX alive.

About Samar Linn

Samar Linn Facilitator

Samar is a curious investigator of the human experience and a movement catalyst. She is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, a trained Integrative Coach and Bodyworker. KIX is her heart project that was born out of her exploration of the insidiousness and pervasiveness of her multiple addictions. The gift has been to learn the root cause of all addictions and to create a unique program for herself to lead a fulfilling and addiction-free life. Today, she offers her learnings forward in the format as KIX.

Samar runs a range of workshops and regular classes to bring more curiosity to ourselves, openness to our uniqueness and permission to embrace the magic in daily life. Her raw attitude, vulnerability and fascination in ways to embody freedom of expression provide an electric, creative and safe environment.

Taste the Music

My journey out of addiction was like a dismembered puzzle. I collected pieces and tucked them away for years - counseling (momentarily helpful), dance (cathartic release without learning alternatives to my behaviors), Support Groups (no longer lonely yet no tools to feel), Art Therapy (beautiful without recovery insight).
When the dust settled, I could see a picture.
I am a complex, and simple, creature.
KIX is a piece of my heart, from one human (soul) to another.