What style of dance is x-dance?

x-dance is a unique format that is based on Samar Linn’s professional training and years of holding various types of space.

x-dance is an improvisational lab that invites each person to express themselves freely. Through a combination of dance and exercises, everyone is invited to be exactly as they are. Moment. by. Moment.

The dance portion of x-dance does not follow a specific style of dance or genre of music. There are no special moves to perform or instructions to follow. Here, dance is main tool for self-exploration and self-expression.

The music for the first portion of the evening follows the 5Rhythms® framework where the music rises and falls – like a wave – to encourage you to express yourself in a multitude of ways. The final dance of the evening, x-dance CORE, is a more dynamic DJ set that follows the energy of the space, and moves beyond constructs or frames.