Are there online 5Rhythms classes?

We don’t currently offer online classes or workshops. One of the most beautiful things about dancing 5Rhythms is the sense of community, of kindred spirits joining together in the same space yet being and moving independently. When dancing 5Rhythms in a class, we are on a voyage of discovery, one that’s aided by common camaraderie.

Is 5Rhythms ecstatic dance?

Not quite. 5Rhythms and ecstatic dance are two separate practices, although there are some similarities between the two. Ecstatic dance is a broad term encompassing any form of dance or body movement in which the dancers do not follow formal steps and seek a sort of abandon in the music. 5Rhythms, while unstructured and there… Continue reading Is 5Rhythms ecstatic dance?

Is dancing good for your health?

Yes, dancing is excellent for both physical and mental health. There are many benefits to dance including improved flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination, as well as improved circulation and respiration. It also increases confidence, body awareness, and self-esteem. Dancing promotes creativity and relaxation, helps relieve stress, improves mood and reduces anxiety, and increases our energy… Continue reading Is dancing good for your health?

What is stillness rhythm?

It’s the final rhythm in the 5Rhythms dance framework, following flowing, staccato, chaos, and lyrical. As the music slows down in stillness, you are invited to finish your wave with whatever energy is still moving through you. Stillness invites movement and pauses, an opportunity to integrate everything we experienced during the wave. The stillness rhythm… Continue reading What is stillness rhythm?

What is chaos rhythm?

Chaos rhythm is one of the five rhythms in the 5Rhythms framework first developed by Gabrielle Roth and practised by people all over the world. The rhythms, in order, are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. For many people who dance 5Rhythms, chaos is a crescendo of sorts. Following the serene flow rhythm and the… Continue reading What is chaos rhythm?

What is 5Rhythms dance meditation?

An integrative meditation and dance practice that was founded by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1960s. It’s a map, a universal set of five rhythms that can be used by anyone at any time, anywhere. In addition to its physical benefits, 5Rhythms dance is a deep spiritual practice that helps participants understand their relationship with… Continue reading What is 5Rhythms dance meditation?