What can I expect at an x-dance event?

Although it’s hard to encapsulate what happens in these spaces, as there is so much available on the inner landscape, we created a short video to give you a taste of x-dance.

What are the 5Rhythms®?

5Rhythms brings a beautiful framework to the world to the conscious dance space. It is a practice developed by Gabrielle Roth who identified that life moves in different energies. The more we experience being in these different energies, the more prepared we are for life. I am a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and use the 5Rhythms framework as… Continue reading What are the 5Rhythms®?

What are the benefits of x-dance?

We each receive different benefits through this space that includes movement meditation, dance and encounter (connection) exercises. Here are a few: Confidence & Empowerment: Deepen the connection to your body, the power of your unique spontaneous movement and the freedom to express yourself with curiosity and permission. Your wild beauty and unique essence will ripple… Continue reading What are the benefits of x-dance?

What style of dance is x-dance?

x-dance is a unique format that is based on Samar Linn’s professional training and years of holding various types of space. x-dance is an improvisational lab that invites each person to express themselves freely. Through a combination of dance and exercises, everyone is invited to be exactly as they are. Moment. by. Moment. The dance… Continue reading What style of dance is x-dance?